Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Entrepreneurial Love

More Lessons from Cupid

I'm with Cupid
 ~ Love, as I wrote last year, is not just something we practice only on the day one of several obscure saints was buried in Rome.

Cupid, everyone's favorite impish avatar of desire, lived love all the time. Who better to teach us about love of being an entrepreneur or the passion of building a business?

So, some cherubic notes on love of startups and of being an entrepreneur:
  1. Love is doing. Cupid didn't mope about wondering when or how best to proceed; he took action.
  2. Cupid didn't lollygag. He was on a mission, in a hurry. He flew!
  3. Desire is infectious. If you have passion, live it. Show others. Let them feel it. Share the love!
  4. Love is nourished by spontaneity. Proceeding by rote makes one a poor lover and a poor entrepreneur both.
  5. Don't confuse Cupid and cupidity. If it's all about money it isn't true love.
  6. Love is addictive. Is love a drug to you? Do you collapse into bed at night utterly sated, and awake again in the morning with consuming passion rekindled? Congratulations, you're in love. Now go do something with it! But...
  7. Love reciprocates. Keep your independent self. If your startup doesn't love you back maybe it's time for a new relationship.
Amor omnia vincit!

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