Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and Leadership

Lessons Cupid Might Teach

I'm with Cupid
What we love, we do, and should love every day, not just on the day some obscure saint was buried in Rome.

Since little is known of the various early sainted Valentines, it will be more fun to focus on that impish pagan, Cupid. What can the little cherub teach us?
  1. Promoting love can be a full-time occupation. Whether we are building and motivating teams to seize startup success, or creating something which utterly delights our customers, we should always focus on the love we make.
  2. Desire is good. Who is motivated by apathy? Set clear goals and pursue them with focus and zeal.
  3. There should always be some mischief. Doing everything in the same dry and clinical fashion may be effective, but it's boring. Shake it up. Be creative. Passion wanes when one fails to motivate or stimulate. And these days what leaders couldn't use a little more stimulation?
  4. Arrows work. I've received a few arrows in the back in my day, and while not all may have been so loving, they have kindled passions that impelled me forward. Getting stuck by arrows can be just the right thing to move you, or someone you work with, forward.
  5. Follow your passion. Amor omnia vincit.

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