Friday, February 25, 2011

Pivotal Leaders

Cleantech Leadership in the Pacific Northwest

Nominate individuals for the Pivotal Leaders business network
A globally competitive cleantech ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest is built of several equally critical components, but chief among them is people: a cadre of talented, committed individuals to shape policy, pioneer partnerships and build companies—Pivotal Leaders.

The creation of the Pivotal Leaders business network is led by the senior team at Pivotal Investments, one of the few venture capital firms in the Pacific Northwest that vigorously funds cleantech startups. Said co-founder Greg Semler:

Pivotal Leaders is a peer-selected network of the most talented leaders in our regions' clean tech community. These business leaders are driven to apply their expertise towards innovating and growing clean tech companies here to accelerate our leadership in the transition to a cleaner, greener, more resource efficient economy.
Anyone can nominate up to 20 individuals as Pivotal Leaders. Nominees should be individuals who "are likely to lead a successful clean technology company in the Northwest as CEO or CTO in the next three to five years." The selection criteria and process relies almost entirely on peer selection.

There are currently 32 individuals in the Pivotal Leaders business network. Up to 40 will be selected for inclusion in 2011.

Nominations close March 22. with announcement of this year's list in May.

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