Thursday, February 16, 2012

Enerdyne Solutions Signs Sales Agreement

Indigo Deal with Maingear

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 ~ Keeping computers, lasers, power electronics and other devices from overheating remains a critical challenge for the electronics industry. Cooler electronics have better performance, operating faster and with less energy. They also have better reliability—every 10°C rise in temperature cuts the operating lifetime of electronic devices in half.

Today, Enerdyne Solutions announced an exclusive distribution deal for our flagship thermal management product with pioneering industry innovator Maingear, the leader in high-performance computer systems.

Maingear will be the sole source in North America for the retail version of Enerdyne's patented Indigo thermal interface technology, which they will sell under the Maingear brand as EPIC T1000. Enerdyne will continue to sell under the Indigo Xtreme brand through its existing reseller and distribution network in Europe and Asia. OEMs building Indigo into their equipment will continue to work directly with Enerdyne.

Reviewers have praised the product's superior performance for several years, and field results have demonstrated solid reliability. As part of Maingear's award-winning product line, the EPIC T1000 has already received the coveted Editor's Choice designation from influential reviewer Legit Reviews.

A thermal interface material (TIM) is used in almost every place where one component is joined to another to conduct heat. Even two seemingly flat and smooth components, like a computer chip and a heat sink, if placed directly together often have as little as 3% direct surface-to-surface contact. The rest is trapped air, a great thermal insulator that prevents the effective removal of heat from the chip. A TIM replaces the trapped air with a relatively better-conducting material to improve that heat transfer.

Enerdyne is proud to offer a best-in-the-world technology product built entirely in the USA, and extremely pleased to partner with Maingear, who also builds and supports all its world-class products in the USA. Enerdyne is an industry leader in the use of phase change metal alloys, and also provides thermal analysis, design, prototyping and testing services to industry, academia and government. The company's work has been used in everything from lasers to satellites.

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