Friday, February 10, 2012

Climate Change Cause

Unprecedented Atmospheric Carbon

 ~ There's more carbon in the atmosphere today than at any time in at least the past 650,000 years. A lot more:

How did it get there?

It didn't get there because of solar cycles.
It didn't get there because of some "little ice age" or "medieval warming period".
It isn't just another normal cycle like all the others.
It has nothing to do with any scientific consensus or lack of one.
It has nothing to with suggestive emails or supposed conspiracies.
It has nothing to do with the supposed faults of any model.
It is not part there as the result of any (unproven!) theory.
It has nothing to do with the reliability of any records.
It didn't happen because of some "heat island" effect of cities.
It doesn't matter whether Greenland or Antarctica is gaining or losing ice mass.
It is irrelevant whether it was warm or cold in the past.
It isn't caused by aerosols, or El Nino, or some "Pacific Decadal Oscillation"

No, it's just simple scientific observation of current and historical (ice core) samples. The measurements are reliable.

There is an extremely sharp rise in atmospheric carbon in just the past 100 years. Period.

Atmospheric carbon raises the earth's temperature. This has been proven beyond doubt for hundreds of years.

Was atmospheric carbon higher in the geological past? Yes, the result of other factors entirely consistent with climate science. What is much more significant about what is happening today is the unprecedented rate of change in the current increase. There is nothing natural about this, nor is there any historical parallel.

Simply: humans are changing the climate.

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