Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things I Learned from my Mum—V

Celebrate the Day

 ~ I've lived in Washington for 30 years. My Mum lived in Toronto, with summers in PEI. Although she only traveled out west a few times, she kept in close touch the whole time. She called and she wrote. A lot. She sent cards to her grandkids for Easter, for Halloween, for no reason at all. She wrote letters at least every couple of months, and always on birthdays, and for Christmas. (I've saved every one.)

She never forgot a birthday, although she was eager to let hers pass without fanfare. Nonetheless, we celebrated her birthdays whether near or far, and despite her protests about being "too old for birthdays" she always enjoyed herself.

Toasting with family
My Mum with 2 of her kids and their partners on her 60th birthday
So what did I learn? Stay in touch, and hoist a glass together whenever you can.

Thank you Mum.

Mary Ellen Leyerle
1/8/29 - 6/8/09

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