Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breaking the Grade Barrier

Food is Food

Imperfect apples
 ~ Food is still nutritious even if it doesn't look like the food in a carefully staged advertisement. How picky are we as consumers?
Maybe we’d be willing to buy a slightly smaller apple that only has 37 percent red coverage instead of the requisite 40 percent needed to qualify as the “fancy” grade that stores usually buy (yes, it’s actually measured). Maybe we consumers would even consider it a score to get a bag of Pink Lady apples for just 69 cents per pound.
Since I'm a home gardener and grow (some of) my own food, I'm already less focused on impossibly picture-perfect produce anyway. When you grow your own, it's often smaller (zucchini excepted) and sometimes not as beautifully colored or proportioned. It might even have pest damage! Horrors!

But it's still tasty, nutritious, maybe even organic! If you've ever worked in or patronized a food bank, you've seen food like this all the time. And if you care about sustainability, minimizing waste, and living more closely in tune with your environment, it's easy to take that first bite.

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