Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Periodic Tables

Many Elements in Common

 ~ The periodic table is a useful way to organize the natural elements based on their chemical and physical properties. While all such tables have the same logical organization, their actual display can be quite imaginative.

For example:

Here's a video showing the periodic table as a piece of furniture, with embedded samples:

There's lots of really interesting background info and notes on each element at this site, which also sports the periodic table in biscuits, fresh from the oven:

Periodic Table of Biscuits

The one in my bookmark bar in Chrome is this very useful dynamic table.

There are many others, including those with photos of each element (or its discoverer), and with videos.

There are also joking ones. My favorite is the table of rejected elements:

Periodic Table of Rejected Elements

And finally, courtesy of Wikipedia, the prosaic representation:

Very boring and plain periodic table

I may have found chemistry more interesting as a student if I hadn't had to use something like the Wikipedia version.

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