Friday, March 2, 2012

Gas Price Blame

Whose Fault Are High Gas Prices?

Ed Stein cartoon | Right wing complaints about gas prices
 ~ Gas prices always go up in spring (why?) and this year they are rising faster and farther than ever before. Especially since it's an election year, the GOP wants to blame Obama.

Never mind that he's actually trying to do something about it—conservation, alternative energy, all-of-the-above ... Never mind too that presidents can't really do anything directly about gas prices, despite claims, or that it is globalization at work. More drilling? That won't make a difference either. Keystone XL, if approved, would take years to affect prices, and even then it would be a mixed bag. People have been driving less for years in the US, lowering demand, and supply is actually up. We could blame speculators on Wall Street for part of it. Or the oil companies.

There are things we could do, such as using our current fossil fuel resources to stimulate a sustainable transition to a new energy economy. Who's at fault? All of us, for not facing the truth—we depend on oil, and we aren't being serious about addressing that dependence for the existential threat to our economy and our way of life that it is.

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