Saturday, March 24, 2012

Media Map

Who Reads What?

 ~ Forbes has a really interesting interactive map that shows the primary source of news in each of the US states.

Map of primary new source by state

The most interesting result is that three states--Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Mexico--get their news from The Onion, a leading on-line humor and satire site. This is much like getting one's news from The Daily Show, but without the addition of any actual facts.

Also noteworthy:
  • Here in Washington we opt for The Seattle Times, making us just one of 27 states where the primary source is a newspaper (or its on-line version) rather than from other media like the web or the boob tube.
  • The TV (or its on-line versions) is the leading news source in just 12 states, of which only Vermont and Hawaii voted for the Democrat in the last presidential election.
  • No states prefer CBS or NBC.
  • The source with the most states, 13, is USA Today.
  • Newspapers have mostly regional readership, except for USA Today, the source with the broadest and most diverse geographic reach.
  • Fox News is the primary source in only 3 states--Texas, Mississippi and Montana.
  • Both Alaska and Hawaii, along with 3 other states, prefer MSNBC. Surprisingly, four of the five are politically "red" states, including unlikely places like Idaho and North Dakota.
  • CNN, oddly, is the leader only in South Dakota.
  • Huffington Post is the most followed on-line only site, with 7 states, all but 2 of which are also traditionally "red" states.
  • NPR is favored only in Oregon.
Methodology and more commentary here.

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