Thursday, December 1, 2011

Orders of Magnitude

A Poem

 ~ Yes, the green swath is merely part of a dot:

Income inequality far transcends merit

(Click to enlarge.)
A gigantic star
cradles the fleeting planetoid
orbiting beyond its flametips;
brazen and braised
with fantastic speed
avoiding anhilation
yet succumbing, at length
fatally felled
by the gravitational grip
streaking, shrieking
a planetary swan song.

The giant doesn't notice.
Oh, and it's not as if the 1% are creating jobs.

Update: A friend points out some measure of hyperbole in the graphic:
The area of a circle is pi*R^2, so since the income of the CEO is 1055 * that of the wefare recipient, the circle should be sqrt(1055)~= 32.5 times as large. so if the welfare person has a 1/4" circle, the ceo should have a 65/8" = 8 1/8" circle. I think what was done is making the diameter of the dot match the income. that would be valid imagery if you were using one dimensional stacks of money...
Fair enough, but poetic imagery has its merits...

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