Saturday, December 17, 2011


A 3-Panel Explanation

 ~ And it's one, two, three... what are we fighting for?

The Occupy Movement as the 1% and the media would like to portray it:

Cartoon: Occupy Movement blank message

Also, dirty hippies. Let's pretend that's the message.

What does the movement want? Many individuals clamor for many things, but the demand that underlies them all, and makes them politically possible is not that complicated:

Cartoon: Occupy Movement seeks to regain democracy

Their fear gives them away:

Cartoon: Occupy Movement's objective alarms the media

The corporate (1%) media is losing credibility as it becomes ever-clearer that it too has an agenda, and is not a disinterested observer. Things will get really interesting as the media loses the ability to quietly shape and distort the message, and must simply, you know, report what's happening.

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