Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where's It Wednesday—LX

Where in Seattle is this?

Somewhere in Seattle... but where?

Answer next week.

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Answer to last week's puzzle, after the jump.

Last week's picture shows the west (2nd Avenue) facade of Seattle's iconic Dexter Horton Building:

Seattle's Dexter Horton Building

The Dexter Horton building is named for the eponymous early Seattle pioneer, part of the so-called "Bethel Party" who was one of the city's founders in the 1850's:

An interesting and somewhat amusing narrative of his travel to and exploits in Seattle can be found here. Among other things, Horton founded Seattle's first bank in 1870, later known as SeaFirst Bank, and which was eventually swallowed, along with so many others, by Bank of America.

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