Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feed Your Head

The Importance of Downtime

 ~ It has become very hard to find time and space where we are not distracted.
Interruption-free space is sacred. Yet, in the digital era we live in, we are losing hold of the few sacred spaces that remain untouched by email, the Internet, people, and other forms of distraction. Our cars now have mobile phone integration and a thousand satellite radio stations. When walking from one place to another, we have our devices streaming data from dozens of sources. Even at our bedside, we now have our iPads with heaps of digital apps and the world's information at our fingertips.
We need more than our dream or shower time to break free of the relentless onslaught of media, communications, and the grating grind of advertising. How many of us deliberately set aside the contemplative off-grid time we need to ponder strategy, spark creative moments, or even just nurture our over-revved mental engines?

The practice of yoga is part of the answer that works for me. It is deeply meditative, and 90 minutes of focus on form and on breathing is amazingly rejuvenating to mental acuity. The period immediately afterwards I spend quietly on a secluded balcony surrounded by Bellevue high-rises, but brushed by swaying trees and infused with the melody of moving water. On good days, it is also bathed in sunshine.

It is 15 powerful minutes, with a mighty multiplier effect that spans days.

There are other times I find to disconnect from the world, and to reconnect with myself, but that is my favorite. Do something for your creativity, for your serenity, for your insight, and tune out once in a while. You'll be amazed what you can tune in.

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