Friday, November 11, 2011


Support Our Troops Really Need

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 ~ Today is Veterans' Day, or Memorial Day, and we all (should) pause to honor those who have served our country and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in doing so. They deserve our utmost respect, and our deepest thanks.

But they deserve much more than that.

It's easy to post a quick note on Facebook, or unfurl Old Glory over the porch, or put a bumper sticker on one's car. Those are all good gestures, but they are merely nice; they don't actually support in any meaningful way our soldiers past or current.

And they really need our support.

Little wonder Scott Olsen and other vets are a growing presence in the Occupy movement. In America's growing identity crisis, many have come to realize that they have gone into harm's way to fight not for some gauzy abstraction of American ideals but instead for a much harsher reality.

They fight for the neo-imperialist dreams of chicken hawks, to secure by force dwindling supplies of the devil's excrement. Most deaths and injuries to our troops and support personnel occur in the fuel supply chains. The Pentagon understands this, and leads the national effort to secure alternative energy sources, but too many our craven politicians, captured by corporate interests, pursue policies that condemn our soldiers to horrible hydrocarbon deaths in the theater of war, and withering neglect in a brutal austerity upon discharge. They steadfastly pursue policies that ignore both the needs of our troops, of our our veterans and of members of our broader society.

What do we want to be as a country?

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