Thursday, November 24, 2011


Much Gratitude

 ~ Another year gone already?! It's been eventful, for sure, but looking back I am reminded of many good things in my life:
  • Plenty of interesting projects and opportunities, with many great colleagues, and especially those at ArchSkills, Enerdyne Solutions and Phytelligence

  • Many good friends with whom I have shared many joys and, yes, a few sorrows, but fantastic to have, or to be, a good friend at such times

  • Intellectuals and writers like Matt Taibbi, Barry Ritholtz, Paul Krugman and Robert Reich that cut through the crap:
    Some think the revolution has begun. I hope they are right.
  • A sense of history that provides insight on current events:
    Old photo of poor man chasing plutocrats for some alms
  • My wife, kids and everyone else in my zany family

  • My "girls", a.k.a. The Fantods:
    Two kittens on a bed
  • Less than a month until the days start getting longer...
Thanks too to my readers; I love to hear from you!

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