Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where's It Wednesday—C

Mixing it up slightly, since this is obviously a view of the Seattle skyline, from where was the picture taken?

Somewhere in Seattle... but where is the photographer standing?

Answer next week.

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Answer to last week's puzzle, after the jump.

Last week's picture shows a highly selective edit of the south side inscription on the Seattle Art Museum::

Seattle Art Museum south facade inscription

Seattle Art Museum

This is the 100th post in this series! I absolutely love finding unusual and intriguing angles on this beautiful city where I have now lived most of my adult life. There are so many enjoyable aspects to find and savor, especially walking on foot through downtown as I frequently do. Thanks much to my readers who enjoy guessing the locations these past two years, and a special thanks to those of you who have submitted either pictures or ideas for this regular weekly post. While parts of the city give me great joy, it is at least matched by the wonderful people I know and have met who live within it and invest it with the vibrancy and verve that make me proud and happy that this is my home. Thank you all!

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