Tuesday, August 9, 2011

US Energy By State

Consumption, Renewable Production Varies Widely

Grand Coulee Dam
~ The US Department of Energy has revamped their web site. One of the many new things is an interactive map that shows per capita energy consumption (in kilowatt-hours) by state.

It's surprising how much it varies, from New York, with the lowest consumption of 57,322 kWh per person to Wyoming, with the highest consumption of 280,103 kWh per person, more than 5 times as much. Why is that?

Also interesting is renewable energy production by state. According to the map, Washington State produces 92.25% of its energy from renewable sources (chiefly hydro) and 10.96% of the renewable energy of the nation as a whole—242.16B kWh. This is the biggest percentage of any state. Iowa is next with 158.2B kWh and 7.16% of total US production, almost all from biomass.

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