Sunday, August 14, 2011

Health and Wealth Correlated

High Income Disparity is Unhealthy

~ A thought-provoking chart:

Chart: Higher income inequality correlates with lower health and welfare

Why should we care?
You might argue: Why do these results matter to rich people, who can live in gated compounds? If you've visited some rich areas in Latin America, particularly when times generally are bad, marksmen on the roofs of houses are a norm. Living in fear of your physical safety is not a pretty existence.

Japan, which made a conscious decision to impose the costs of its post bubble hangover on all members of society to preserve stability, has gotten through its lost two decades with remarkable grace. The US seems to be implementing the polar opposite playbook, and there are good reasons to think the outcome of this experiment will be ugly indeed.
The ugliness has already begun in some places.

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