Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reduce & Reuse

Eschewing the Disposable Coffee Cup

Chris Leyerle's coffee travel mug
My trusty travel mug
~ One woman is trying to end the dominance of the disposable coffee cup in our very own coffee-besotted Seattle area.
Along with whalebone corsets and mimeograph machines, another anachronism will be displayed in museums of the future if Karin de Weille has her way: the disposable cups that fuel today's culture of coffee and convenience.

Against odds that would discourage a less optimistic soul, de Weille on Saturday [May 21] launched a campaign in the heart of caffeine country to get people to kick the paper habit.

"I think Seattle can push the frontier," she said at Green Festival, the two-day celebration of eco-friendliness where the effort got its official start.
Truly, this is not a difficult frontier to cross or a forbidding challenge to meet. I would no sooner consider leaving my house without my reusable travel mug than I would without my wallet or my keys. Once used to having it as part of one's travel accoutrements, it becomes hard to forget.

More difficult is to stop barristas from reaching for a disposable cup on which to write one's order. I have to be quick to proffer my cup, or the disposable cup gets wasted anyway.

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