Monday, June 13, 2011

Electric Cars

Back to the Future?

1909 Bailey electric car
~ The first practical electric cars were built more than 100 years ago, back before gasoline and other fossil fuels came to dominate transportation starting in the 1910's.

What's surprising is not that such electric cars were built, but that they used standard battery technology then available and boasted some of the same features of modern electric cars, including 50-mile or longer driving ranges between charges.

Admittedly, even though outfitted with the creature comforts of the day (electric lights! seats!) they certainly weighed quite a bit less than the 1-2 ton land yachts of today.

Some of these cars and noteworthy features included:
1891 Morrison—50 mile range
1900 Riker—an electric motor on each rear wheel
1901 Riker Torpedo—went 57 mph in a test
1902 Studebaker—one of many electric vehicles they made
1906 Krieger—employed regenerative braking
1909 Babcock—went 100 miles on a single charge
1909 Bailey—durable vehicle was driven up 6000' Mount Washington in NH

I like the Bailey. That's one stylish ride.

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