Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where's It Wednesday—XXXII

Was last week's too hard or are both my readers spending too much time on the computer?! Anyway, new this week... Where in Seattle is this?

Somewhere in Seattle...

Answer next week.

Details on the weekly Where's It Wednesday puzzle here.
Other weeks' puzzles here.
Answer to last week's puzzle after the jump.

The picture from last week is of a decidely peculiar mural on the side of the Seattle Art Museum:

Seattle Art Museum east facade

I know nothing of this art. Do you?

Update: Somehow Blogger managed to delete this post (even though it was up long enough to go out over FeedBurner, etc. Maybe something about their doing maintenance right around the time I was trying to post it? (Why don't they do their maintenance at 3AM anyway?) So, this is a repost.

Update: Awfergawdsakes. Now Blogger has put the original back up (so I deleted it). Wonder if this post will survive? It's enough to make me want to migrate to Wordpress.

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