Monday, May 23, 2011

Even More Mileage—III

258mpg Car

~ Volkswagen has created a 2-seater car that gets 258mpg.

The car runs on diesel; its 1.7 gallon tank can take a passenger 404 miles using a single cylinder engine.

While the car is austere in many ways (it is unpainted to save weight) it can still go more than 60mph and incorporates basic safety design and equipment.

It probably represents the future of fossil fueled personal transportation.

Most amazing of all perhaps is it's $600 MSRP. Of course, that's the sales price in China, the initial market. Even at that price, it will be unaffordable for the vast bulk of the population. No doubt it will cost many times more once it (or something like it) goes on sale in the US.

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