Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Where's It Wednesday—LXXXVIII

Where in Seattle is this?

Somewhere in Seattle... but where?

Answer next week.

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Answer to last week's puzzle, after the jump.

Last week's picture shows the top two letters on the marquee of the venerable Cinerama theater on 4th Avenue:

Seattle's Cinerama Theater

The theater was nearly lost in the late 80's, but rescued by another Seattle area icon:
Seattle Cinerama Theatre, built in 1963, is owned by philanthropist and investor Paul G. Allen, who saved it from demolition in 1988. Vulcan Inc. directed a spectacular restoration of the theater’s early 1960s interiors and brought back the massive, curved screen used for special presentations of Cinerama and 70mm wide-screen movies. Seattle Cinerama is one of only three theaters in the world that can show original three-strip Cinerama films. The Cinerama just re-opened with a fresh restoration and technical upgrade, ensuring its movie-theater supremacy.

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