Monday, June 4, 2012

Energy Lies—XII

"Obama is Restricting Oil Drilling"

 ~ If Obama and his Administration were working to restrict domestic oil production, how would we know?

We could listen to the usual mouthpieces from the API, partisan nincompoops in the GOP-run US House, the right-wing echo chamber, and the parrots of Gerardia, but how do they know? Where is the evidence? Where is the data?

It's not to be found in US oil production, which has gone up every year since Obama took office.

Nor can it be found in the primary measure of drilling activity, the Baker-Hughes rig count:

US domestic oil rig count

In the last 3 years the rig count has quadrupled, and is higher than it has been in at least 25 years. "Drill, baby, drill"? It's de facto policy.

How can so many in the GOP and among their allies tell such outrageous and blatantly false lies? (Hint: follow the money.) How can so many people so uncritically believe them? It was false a year ago and it's still false today. They sure hate Obama it seems, but we must look elsewhere for reasons.

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