Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wise Donation

A Easier Way to Give

Wise Donation logo
 ~ And a better one too.

The idea of a donation portal is not new, but has produced a better version in a clean and appealing web site. Their raison d'etre:
Wise Donation is a new way to give. Our goal is to empower everyone to become philanthropists. We make giving accessible, regardless of income level. We help people support their passions by connecting them to charities they care about. And we make it so easy, it not only feels great, it’s fun!
The site provides not only a huge database of searchable charities but budget-based giving that the donor can customize by fixed amount or percentages on a one-time or recurring basis. It's a great idea that fills a growing need. In an era of shriveling public support for social good, WiseDonation provides a powerful, flexible, and accessible way for anyone to make a difference in their community or in the world.

(Full disclosure: WiseDonation is a client of Fingo Consulting.)

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