Tuesday, June 12, 2012


How to Pick One

 ~ They aren't all the same.

Cartoon | Consultant stabbed to death
Disappointed in your outsourced help? Not getting value?

Consultants have been caricatured for running up huge bills while not delivering a lot of value. It can make clients angry enough to forswear consultants altogether.

But really, you just need to pick them more smartly.

As an entrepreneur, you learn how to do anything and everything with scant resources, relying instead on insight and innovation. And isn't that what you often want from a consultant? Understanding and creativity in solving a problem or crafting a new way forward without a load of expensive process and superfluous rigmarole?

So don't hire any old consultant, especially if they come from a big firm with a big dollar mentality, or sport an MBA dragging a massive student loan that needs servicing (by you!)

Hire instead one that comes from a hardscrabble operational background, where lean practices and disciplined imagination are the norm. You'll pay less and get more. Want to see for yourself? Contact me.

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