Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Cape Wind

 ~ After 10 years of effort, there is, astonishingly, no final go-ahead to build Cape Wind, what would be the first offshore wind farm in the US.

Why has it been 10 years and counting? There have been the normal delays from those with real or imagined objections, but the root of the problem is a dysfunctional energy policy that makes every step of the process an ordeal. It's surreal and bizarre:

Most risible, of course, is that we don't, despite the caterwauling from fossil fuel interests, suffer any of this theater of the absurd on oil and gas projects, including those off-shore. It's not that we don't have an energy policy. We do have one: the de facto commitment to fossil energy, with it's immediate and damaging impacts and its irrefutable long-term lack of sustainability. And that is the real reason for obstruction.

"There is nothing stronger than the truth."

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