Thursday, April 26, 2012

Start Up Really Fast

Seattle's Newest Startup Incubator

 ~ I stopped by the open house at SURF Incubator last night. Whether SURF stands for Start Up Really Fast, or Start Up Really Frugal or Start Up Really Fun, it is a fantastic concept in a fantastic space.

Entrance to SURF Incubator

The lobby area is a work in progress, but full-time reception staff starts Monday, the "official" opening day.

Open house at SURF Incubator

A couple of dozen folks were engaged in lively conversation at the open house, including quite a few of the nearly 40 people already moved into the space.

Entrepreneurs and teams of 1-5 are the best fit, and the space will reach capacity at about 100.

View of Seattle from SURF Incubator

Up on the 8th floor of the Exchange Building, there are some really nice views of downtown and Elliott Bay.

The location on 2nd Avenue makes everything close, although I suspect few impecunious entrepreneurs will be lunching at the nearby Met.

Open floor plan at SURF Incubator

Most of the floor plan encourages collaboration and exchange of ideas and enthusiasm.

There are some classroom-style spaces, larger areas for presentations, meeting rooms and other areas for more private conversation. Whatever kind of need, there's probably a good space for it.

SURF Incubator style

And if you get thirsty, they have beer. Lots of beer.

Now that's SURFing with style.

Thanks Seaton and Neil for a chance to catch the wave!

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