Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Top 1% Club

Grab A Snout

Dilbert comic | The Top 1% Club

 ~ Are you deserving of membership if you get a key to the club from a tiny flying unicorn? From your parents? From members of Congress who have been bought off by 24/7 lobbyist largesse and unlimited corporate cash?

Among the most pernicious myths that sustain America's systemic inequality is the canard that everyone at the top deserves to be there. Sure, some worked hard for their success. Did all of them? The fiction of a dichotomous nation of virtuous Randian supermen and whining parasites is ... a fiction. There are numerous examples of titanic screw-ups being showered with obscene riches.

The only puzzling part is: how do the rest of us get the tiny flying unicorn to bring each of us the key to that club?

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