Friday, January 20, 2012


Children and Startups

Isabella Lynn Higgins
Isabella with her parents
 ~ Starting companies is like having kids. Especially when it comes to learning by doing.

Before my first child was born quite a few people told me how becoming a parent was going to change my life utterly. True of course, as any parent well knows. But the intensity of gestation, birth and raising is so far beyond what any can fully convey to the nascent parent,and is so far beyond their initial comprehension as well. Until you live it. You can only live it.

Nothing prepares one for the first startup either. No degrees, certificates or courses of study anticipates everything about parenting. Nothing does so for the founding of companies either.

It is with pride we watch our children grow and learn, even as we learn our role along the way. Building a company is a similar path of learning, even as we pour our knowledge and passion into growing it to independence.

Continuous creation. Joy in the journey.

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