Sunday, January 15, 2012

Phytelligence Web Site

Alive and Growing!

Phytelligence plantlets growing
in optimized environment
 ~ Phytelligence is a startup that comes out of innovative hothouse Washington State University (WSU). We've been presenting the company to various groups and receiving a lot of interest.

It uses tissue culture techniques to make plantlets (small plants that orchard owners and vineyards plant). These plantlets can shorten by years the time until a grower has fruit to sell, and can at last start to recover the investment of buying and growing fruit trees. They're also vigorous, high quality, and genetically uniform, and we guarantee good results.

Phytelligence has also developed the know-how to propagate highly desirable and difficult materials such as the highly disease and virus-resistant G41 and G935 apple rootstocks.

Industry-leading genetic analysis services and contract growing and genetic work is also available.

Know anyone who needs help with their growing success? Contact us.

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