Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where's It Wednesday—XXV

Somewhere in Seattle... Where is this?

Somewhere in Seattle...

Answer next week.

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Well that was too easy. Last week's photo was taken from the bus window on I-90 between the Mount Baker tunnel and I-5. The shot is of buildings at the very top of the Rainier Valley just south of Dearborn Street.

Sunstream 3.7 wind turbine in Seattle's Rainier Valley

The turbine is pretty good-sized, a Skystream model 3.7, rated at 2.4kW. Pretty good output for a unit with only a 12' diameter. The cut-in speed is 8 mph, and I notice it is either sitting there or spinning like mad. It seems it mostly is idle, but it makes sense you'd get some good wind there at times because of the narrowness of the valley there between Pill Hill and First Hill. The turbine is hosted on Poplar Place South by NW Wind & Solar which, no surprise, is an authorized dealer.

I don't know who the exhaust stack belongs to, but then it isn't why I took the picture.

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