Monday, March 28, 2011


(What) Were We Thinking?

~ We'd all like to believe in magic ponies. And political lollipops. And the miraculous results that come from merely cutting "waste, fraud and abuse."

Tom Toles on Voter Amnesia

What would work better?

Cutting out the waste of time believing what politicians say, rather than what their records show they actually do. Or the waste of resources trying policies that didn't work any of the other times we tried them.

Cutting through the fraud that we can have everything we want without any pain or sacrifice. Or the fraud that science, reason, rationality and evidence don't matter as much as ideological purity.

Cutting back the abuse of our political system by those who rely on the half-life of electoral recollection to be measured in weeks (or days.)

If we really want to cut waste, fraud and abuse, we should start not with the programs, but with the Congress.

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