Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blessed New Year

Eagle Medicine

This morning dawned sunny, crisp and beautiful.

Looking west to downtown Seattle and the Olympic Mountains from Bellevue's Somerset neighborhood

Looking west out my window I saw a bald eagle soaring 50 yards away. Majestic.

There are as many ideas on bald eagle symbolism as there are web sites espousing them, including concepts of community, opportunity, vision, focus, courage, action, strength and determination. But I especially liked this:
Visually, everything about the eagle's appearance is sharp. Streamlined, sleek, chiseled. This prompts our deeper minds to hone our thoughts and skills. The eagle commands us to tailor our intelligence and talents in a form that best suits our needs. We all have inner abilities, but when the eagle shows up - it's a clear sign it's time to use these abilities in a laser-like fashion to bring about focused change in our lives.
The perfect call to action for each and all of us. Our challenges are great; our opportunities now, our success limited only if we fail in our vision or in our resolve. Or in our faith:
The eagle, it is believed, works as a messenger for the Creator. It is tasked with the duty of carrying the prayers of human beings from the earth world to the spirit world where they believed the creator resides.
A blessed new year to you, and to us all.

Yes, several of you have noted the date on my camera is wrong. Not sure how that happened. Fixed now.

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