Sunday, January 30, 2011

Uncloak the Kochs

Live Stream from Common Cause

A great line-up of speakers in Palm Springs (right now! 11:00—4:00 PST) to shed some needed light on the nefarious Koch Brothers, funders of climate change disinformation, astroturf organizations and numerous bagmen keeping our political class from dealing with fossil fuel reality.

Courtesy of the fantastic folks at Common Cause, we are pleased to be able to present a live feed of the panel discussion and the pro-democracy rally being held in Rancho Mirage today, literally right across the street from where the Kochs and their cronies are simultaneously plotting to further undermine our democracy and economy.

The live broadcast of the panel is scheduled to begin at 11:00 am and run until 12:45 pm. Speakers at the panel will include:

  • Robert Reich – the former Labor Secretary
  • Erwin Chemerinsky – UC Irvine Law Dean
  • Lee Fang – Center for American Progress blogger and Koch Brothers expert
  • Van Jones – Founder and Former President of Green for All,
  • DeAnn McKewan – California Nurses Association Co-President
After the panel, there will be a rally featuring a performance by The Billionaires and an introduction by Jim Hightower of activist leaders and regular citizens who will share stories that expose the real world harm done by the Koch brothers and their cabal.
Update: Arrgh! Robert Reich got bit by a turtle or a lizard or something and won't appear.

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