Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where's It Wednesday III

Somewhere in Seattle...

If you're new to Where's It Wednesday, the object is to identify the location in the greater Seattle area shown in the picture below. Answer next week. Solution to last week's picture after the jump.

Where is this?

Somewhere in Seattle...

Last week's picture was taken from the exact same spot as the first week's picture--Westlake Mall--but this time a street-level look north at the granite arch next to Pine Street:

Robert Maki sculpture

The arch is part of an installation by artist Robert Maki entitled "Westlake Star Axis/Seven Hills."

Excuse the clutter of the shot, especially the dude giving me the evil eye, and the gratuitous chain store signage. As I've posted before, there are better places to go than the Mermaid for coffee.

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