Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Mileage

Boosting CAFE standards

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We can write our own future
Transportation is the largest user of energy and the largest contributor to global warming from burning fossil fuels. So increasing the average fuel economy of US vehicles to 62 mpg makes lots of sense. The target isn't until 2025, and is currently no more than a proposal.
We must, and we will, keep the momentum going to make sure that all motor vehicles sold in America are realizing the best fuel economy and greenhouse gas reductions possible," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said.
Predictably, industry is wary:
A trade group representing the biggest auto companies, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, said the proposal was based on "very preliminary and incomplete data."

The group's chief executive, Dave McCurdy, said the biggest carmakers, including government-owned General Motors, Ford Motor, Toyota Motor, and Volkswagen would closely review the administration's assumptions on technology, gas prices, and alternative fuels.
Diesel, hybrid electric vehicles and all-electric vehicles would all be critical components in such a scheme. All-electric vehicles would do a lot to boost the numbers. Cars needn't be small, just efficient.

Big car, small car

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