Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soil Remediation in Toronto

Cleaning and Reclaiming the Waterfront

Waterfront Revitalization Area of Toronto, Canada
Toronto Waterfront
showing the Revitalization Area
At long last the waterfront in my hometown of Toronto is being cleaned up from a century-old legacy of industrial contamination. The shoreline in the heart of the city, from Bathurst Street to the Don Valley, has vast potential beauty that has not been fully realized, but now may yet be. As a kid growing up in Canada's largest city I had almost no experience with Lake Ontario. One could go east to The Beaches, or take the ferry to Toronto Island, or have glimpses from Ontario Place or High Park, but the center of the city may as well have been in Saskatoon for all the advantage it took from the province's namesake lake.

The technology to perform in-situ separation and processing of contaminated soils will, if it proves out, have great application in many places.

One hopes that they can use it effectively at the ongoing environmental horror which is the Athabasca tar sands.

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