Friday, September 2, 2011

Politics Explained

Yoram Bauman: Left Right and Center

~ The world's only stand-up economist explains all you need to know about politics in 7+ minutes:

On budget deficits (starting about 4:37):
It's almost like the left wing blames the right and the right wing blames the left, but I blame the center. You guys are supposed to be the idiot savants of democracy. When it comes to economic matters it turns out that you're just idiots. We don't have a budget deficit because the left wing believes in mandates or because the right wing believes in markets, we have a budget deficit because the middle believes in magic.

Every time a left-wing politician is like: "Hey I've a great idea for a road or a school or a bridge" swing voters are like: "Yeah, let's do that!" And every time a right-wing politician says we should cut taxes, swing voters are like "Yeah let's do that!" Then it turns out we have a budget deficit and of course you blame the politicians.

This is like going to the doctor's office for your annual check-up and the doctor tells you you've been putting on weight. And the left side of your brain says: "Hey, I guess I better exercise more" and the right side of your brain says "Hey! I guess I better stop eating so many donuts." And the middle part of your brain says: "I guess I better get a new doctor!"
Also, explaining the Tea Party (starting at 3:43):
Now many people are surprised that the Libertarians are the far right; they think the Tea Party is the far right. The Tea Party is actually this fascinating mix of the far right of the political spectrum and the far center of the political spectrum. They're kind of this explosive mix of radical individualism and extreme cluelessness. Now, I mean these are people who believe in social Darwinism, but don't believe in Darwin.

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