Saturday, September 25, 2010

There Ought To Be a Law

How Little Work Can They Do?

Mary Landrieu in clown costume
Q: What do you call the favor an official demands of you before they will do their job?

A: A bribe.

Except if, like Democrat Mary Landrieu, you're a member of the US Senate, where it is business as usual. If you're a member of what was once called, incredibly, The World's Greatest Deliberative Body, you spend most of your time finding supposedly principled ways of avoiding doing your job. You don't debate. You don't negotiate. You don't craft policy. You don't work to make legislation. Except for hitting up campaign donors you don't do anything until you get the bribe you demand.

Landrieu will not support renewable energy legislation until she gets a full return to unrestricted offshore drilling. Said Landrieu:
I can’t support anything related to energy unless this moratorium gets lifted and permits start being issued in the Gulf [of Mexico], or we are not going to have any energy to power the country with.
Is it soliciting a bribe? Or extortion?

In any other profession, she'd be fired or indicted.

Update: Bipartisanship isn't completely dead. It just shows up where it isn't welcome. Loiusianna's other Senator, Republican David Vitter, whose best known accomplishment involves diaper fetishes and prostitutes, agrees with Landrieu.

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