Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Distant Mirror

Hazy Reflection

Osborne 1 Computer
The Osborne 1 "Luggable" Computer
It feels exactly this way to me too. But as was true then, there will be many cleantech startups analagous to Osborne, Kaypro, Wang, and even Digital. There were also Context MBA, Quattro Pro, Word Perfect, and DB3. Even the big names had their Xenix, PS/2 and Apple III failures. Many will be the first movers and pioneer markets only to see other fast followers prevail. There are already plenty of signs that investors await the shake-out, and are passing on the innovators in immature markets.

The danger, for those that care about such things, is that those who win will not be based in the US. History rhymes, but the changed game has a new tune.

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