Thursday, September 23, 2010

Startup Wisdom

These are all so true. While we can tell each other amusing stories when we sit down to chat, we could also provide examples in support of each of these insights from Paul Graham (and brief comments from me):
  1. Pick good cofounders. (And be clear about your criteria)
  2. Launch fast. (Always be urgent)
  3. Let your idea evolve. (Always be confident, but always question whether you have it right)
  4. Understand your users. (Talk to as many as you can, early and often)
  5. Better to make a few users love you than a lot ambivalent. (Passion, not like, is contagious)
  6. Offer surprisingly good customer service. (Ask: What would you want if you were the customer?)
  7. You make what you measure. (You'll also make it better)
  8. Spend little. (But not too little; some things are worth top dollar)
  9. Get ramen profitable. (I'll stick with peanut butter)
  10. Avoid distractions. (Focus. I ask many times a day: What is the objective here?)
  11. Don't get demoralized. (Following the other 12 rules will create more energy than you can imagine!)
  12. Don't give up. (Until you must; don't flog a dead horse)
  13. Sign: entering startup
    Proceed at your own risk
  14. Deals fall through. (So do startups)

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