Sunday, November 18, 2012

Things I Learned From My Dad—VI

Grow Things

John Leyerle in his first garden in Hope Township
 ~ My Dad loved everything about a garden.

He loved to create (or as he preferred to say, "install") them. He loved to eat the food he grew. He loved to give it to others. He loved the hard physical labor of digging, of planting, of erecting cold frames, trellises, fences and walls. He loved the pleasure of accomplishment that benefited himself and others. He loved to sit in late afternoon with a cold beer and gaze at the product of his vision and labor and reflect on what he would do next to improve it.

I learned from my Dad the deep satisfaction that comes from envisioning, creating and growing a garden. The garden of course was but one undertaking among many that provides the same teaching. More broadly I learned the power and joy of creating things of lasting value primarily by one's own hard work, and bringing benefit to many beyond myself.

Whether a garden, a curriculum, a family or a business, the principles are very similar.

Thank you Dad.

John Frank Leyerle
11/18/26 - 8/2/06

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