Sunday, November 4, 2012

Climate Change Ocean Rise

Interactive Global Map

Puget Sound 5m higher
 ~ What would Puget Sound look like if it were 5m higher? Among other changes:
  • The Ports of Tacoma and Seattle are under water
  • So is most of Sodo, Georgetown and several neighborhoods all the way to Tukwila
  • A much smaller Everett is a narrow penisula jutting north from Mukilteo
  • Mount Vernon is on the coast
  • Tsawwassen is an island
  • In British Columbia, all of Delta and Richmond, including Vancouver Airport, and most of Highway 99, is under the Strait of Georgia
How much will the oceans rise? No one knows for sure, but careful estimates over the next century are for 5m or more. Climate change also brings more frequent and ferocious storms. Storm surges can raise ocean levels 5m or more on their own.

Check out the interactive map to see the effect of rising ocean levels of 1 to 60m anywhere in the world.

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