Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Road Trip

I got back home this afternoon from a 3-day trip to Washington State's wine country--the Yakima Valley. My wife and I were celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary with some sun, food and wine. Of course, this required some field research!

The Bonair Winery tasting room
At the Bonair Winery near Zillah, WA

There are dozens of wineries and tasting rooms between Yakima and the Tri-Cities, so there was time to visit only a few. Some of our favorites are the Barnard-Griffin near Richland (check out the Syrah Port), the Hyatt in Zillah (try the amusingly named Zillah Gorilla Zinfandel) and the Bonair, also in Zillah (maker of a scrumptiously buttery Chardonnay.)

On the drive home we saw several trucks carrying wind turbine parts to a new installation west of Ellensburg. It was visible from I-90 along the first ridge north of the highway. Only one crane was visible:

New wind farm construction west of Ellensburg, Washington
Wind farm under construction west of Ellensburg, WA

Mount Stewart dominates the range in the distance. One of the most beautiful hiking areas in the Northwest, the Enchantment Lakes, lies just beyond. We need to go back since it's been ten years since we were last there, and the beauty of the larches turning gold in September is worth the length and steepness of the trail.

In the meantime, however, I'm catching up on my reading, and enjoying meeting with friends and colleagues in Seattle and on the Eastside. Soon enough I'll be hard at work again, but for now let's grab coffee...

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