Monday, April 22, 2013

Startup Thrift

Just Like Old Times

Hammock on stand at Phytelligence
 ~ Back in my Microsoft days (1982-1993) I would sometimes sleep under my desk. With intense deadline pressures, it just took too long to go home and come back,so many of us just crashed at the office. We did it to save time.

Now I do it to save money. At Phytelligence, my current startup, I've stopped springing for a hotel room every time I drive out from Bellevue to Pullman. The Pullman Aquatic Center provides a workout room and hot showers for $5 a day—deal!

However, age has imparted a few grains of wisdom, and, as you can see in the picture, I have improved the level of comfort over the carpeted floor.


  1. Just from the angle of this photo (and perhaps my aging eyes) the foreground support looks as if it is attached to the left edge of the hammock - I wondered for a moment how the right edge stayed up when you get on it!

  2. Not the best camera angle; I see what you mean. Unlikely I will ever have a career as a photographer. It is still possible to fall out if one strays to close to the edge; fortunately I can don't need to keep my aging eyes open to stay in it all night!