Tuesday, October 16, 2012

World Food Day

The Challenge of Feeding the World

Pear orchard in Wenatchee
 ~ October 16 is World Food Day, established to raise global awareness of wide-spread hunger all over the world. Many organizations are today calling attention to this most basic human right—to have enough to eat.

The Institute of Food Technologists, for example, is highlighting the importance of industrial innovation in providing solutions to global hunger:
Just as society has evolved over time, our food system has also evolved over centuries into a global system of immense size and complexity. The commitment of food science and technology professionals to advancing the science of food, ensuring a safe and abundant food supply, and contributing to healthier people everywhere is integral to that evolution. Food scientists and technologists are versatile, interdisciplinary, and collaborative practitioners in a profession at the crossroads of scientific and technological developments.
The innovative scientists and researchers at Phytelligence are part of that global solution that will provide more food, of better quality, faster, to more people.

Through sophisticated and unprecedented tissue culture propagation techniques, Phytelligence can produce super high-quality fruit trees with great vigor and low transplant mortality. The techniques allow production of trees and the harvesting of fruit years faster than by conventional methods. This is important to meet normal demand growth, but is especially critical following any kind of event that destroys existing fruit trees—natural disasters (e.g. floods or droughts), disease die-offs or pest outbreaks.

The faster propagation also means that new varieties can be produced in commercial quantities more quickly. New cultivars adapted to different climates or environments can be produced in volume to establish new sources of food supply faster. New kinds of fruit trees designed for higher yield or more efficient harvesting can be rapidly supplied to optimize the amount of food that can be delivered to market. New varieties developed for disease or pest resistance can provide food faster and more reliably to help feed a hungry world.

Phytelligence's advanced genetic analysis capabilities can ensure significantly higher uniformity of planted fruit and the higher production and lower costs such consistency enables. Fewer mistakes in getting the right plants in the ground and producing food means more people getting enough to eat.

World Food Day helps us all notice the importance of producing enough good food. At Phytelligence, harnessing technology to help fruit growers produce more quality food is what we work on every day.

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