Monday, October 8, 2012

On Your Way in 15 Minutes

Public Transit Frequency

Seattle Transit Blog: 15 Minute Map
 ~ Here is the latest version of the excellent Seattle Transit Blog's 15-minute map.

It shows graphically all the public transit routes that run with a frequency of 15 minutes or less. These routes are critical because riders don't really need to consult a schedule or arrange their travel.

They can just show up, knowing they needn't wait long. This makes public transit both readily accessible and easily usable. It promotes greater use of pubic transit, leading to all the benefits of higher ridership—reduced traffic congestion, lessened need for road maintenance, cleaner air, etc.

The map has changed a bit from the last one. There's the new Rapid Ride lines of course. There's also better service in some areas (West Seattle, Ballard, Crown Hill) but regrettably some of the same old glaring gaps (Magnolia, Sand Point, Madison Park.)

And we're still waiting for adequate service on the Eastside, especially
  • Cross-lake connection frequency
  • Service later into the night (i.e. past 11:30). Or even all night.
  • Early morning service to the airport to catch those 6 a.m. flights.
  • More routes that connect Eastside cities to each other, rather hub and spoke to Seattle or, to a lesser extent, Bellevue.

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