Monday, February 4, 2013

Flooded Out

Posting Hiatus

 ~ Dishwasher surprise!

First a trickle into the subfloor we couldn't see, then a gush, heaving up the floor. The hardwood is continuous throughout the entire level, in every room and every closet except the powder room, and now it needs to be completely refinished in order to have it all match. (Don't get me started on the waste that entails.)

So, we have to move out, all of a sudden, for as much as 2 weeks. Like either my wife or I have time for that with our jammed schedules of work, clients and kids. It would be wonderful to go to the tropics for the whole time, but alas, too many commitments for such an escapist fantasy.

While I hope to post at least occasionally over that time, it's a good bet that posting will be intermittent for the next little while.


  1. Bummer--been there done that. Water is the enemy of houses. GL with the restoration.

  2. Now maybe 8 weeks. What a fiasco.